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Free LoadMaster: Over 200,000 Downloads
Across the Globe

Free LoadMaster is suitable for proof-of-concept and network labs environments and is not supported for any live or production use.

  • 20Mbps Throughput
  • Community Support
  • Layer 4/Layer 7 load balancing
  • Reverse Proxy
  • SSL Offload
  • Content Switching
  • Caching

What Our Customers Say

“Kemp Free Load Balancer is amazing piece of software and suits my needs perfectly.“

“Very powerful and easy to use.“

“Easy to configure and up and running quickly.“

“Great functionality.”​

“Easy to use, flexible.”​

“I really appreciate how user-friendly it is and that when something is set up correctly on the load balancer, I can trust that it works!”​

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Create a Kemp ID

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